Simulations & Law - Mediation Training

Module 4

Day 5

Simulations & Law for Mediators

This module is in two parts -

  • Law for Mediators
  • Simulations

Law for Mediators:

To work effectively as a mediator you will need some knowledge of law and procedure. This module gives a crash course in what you need to know. It is equally important whether you are legally qualified or not. You will learn how to use this knowledge as a Mediator working with the parties:

  • Contract & Tort – their elements in practice

  • The legal system – a practical ‘flowchart’

  • Costs – what they are, how assessments and taxation works

  • The mediators legal liabilities


Participants will be divided into groups for simulated mediations that will continue throughout the day.

Critiques and reviews of the mediation will be carried out as appropriate.

Delegates will:

  • Put into practice all that has been learned

  • Try new ideas and methods in an active role-playing environment

  • Have the opportunity to make mistakes before assessment where they won't matter!