Qualifying as a Mediator

With the increasing shift to the use of ADR it becomes essential to have a knowledge of Mediation and other ADR procedures. Undertaking the Combined Qualifying Course gives participants an opportunity to gain the qualification QDR. 

Not yet Qualified? 

For those entering into Commercial Mediation Training for the first time the Academy's course provides a fully comprehensive training system for those seeking qualification as a commercial mediator. 

Attendance on the course enables candidates to practise and develop their mediation skills through a combination of lecture, discussion and role-play sessions. During the course successful candidates gain an in-depth understanding of how mediation works and the advantages it can bring. Whether as a Lawyer or other suitably qualified expert/professional you will be ready to mediate or represent your clients in mediations. 

Already Qualified?

If you already hold a Mediation qualification you may be eligible to use this for TAE accreditation. If you wish to follow this route you must apply for exemption from the normal training requirements of attending all 5 Training Modules. To obtain this you must attend a pre assessment module (Module 2 – Mediators Tutorial).

Following the Mediators Tutorial you are initially required only to undertake the TAE Assessment which must be passed before you can gain entrance to The Academy’s register and the qualification QDR.

It is, however, recommended that applicants should consider also taking part in Module 5, ‘Simulations’. This is optional, however experience shows that candidates who have attended one of these days have a higher success rate in the assessment than those who ‘come in cold’.

Having passed the Assessment  candidates who are not already TAE members will be invited to join The Academy of Experts as a Dispute Resolver member in order to be placed on the Academy's register of Qualified Dispute Resolvers.