Mediator's Tutorial - Mediation Training

Module 2

Day 3

Mediator’s Tutorial

This Module is intended to deal with some of the problems that occur during a mediation. It is not based upon 'role play', but consists of the analysis and discussion of situations that arise during all stages of a mediation.

In addition to being an integral part of training for the Register, it is particularly suitable for those already active as Mediators. It is open only to those who have completed at least one Mediator's Training Course or those already practising.

The Module is open to anyone who has:

  • Completed a Mediators Qualifying Course
  • Completed another approved Course

Module Contents:

  • The Case of Big Noise v Mr Squeak has been referred to Mediation under The Academy of Experts' Guidelines with an Academy appointed Mediator.

  • The Mediation will take place throughout the day and will be used as the ‘teaching vehicle’ for the Tutorial Course.

  • The day will be broken into sessions:

    • Opening
    • First Caucuses
    • Subsequenti Cauci
    • The Agreement
    • The Close.
  • There will also be: Coffee, Lunch and Afternoon Tea.

          This is an intensive interactive course with detailed planning sessions and post mortems. Each participant is involved in all stages and processes.