The Elements of ADR - Mediation Training

Module 1

1 Day Course

This is the first course in the full Commercial Mediation Training Programme.

All participants are given practice in acting as Mediator in mock-Mediations, each of which concludes with an analysis of the lessons learnt.

An experienced Mediator will give advice on the further training and development needed for those wishing to gain admission to the Academy's Register of Qualified Mediators.

The Module is open to participants who can satisfy one of the following requirements:

* Attendance at TAE's Introduction to Mediation

* Completed relevant Mediation Training with another provider

* Is accredited as a Mediator

Candidate's compliance will be at TAE's discretion.

Module Contents:

Open Forum to discuss:

  • The process of mediation
  • The uses of mediation

 The Opening Session

  • Getting started
  • Aims and objectives
  • Getting out
  • The Opening Statement

Participants will demonstrate their Opening Statement followed by evaluations as appropriate.

Mediation Exercises - Case Studies

  • Participants will be divided into groups and engage in simulated mediations. These will be followed by evaluation and critique.

Summary and Conclusion